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   Chapter/Unit Listings by State

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Nebraska - Chapter Information
Map Website Beatrice68310BEATRICE HOMESTEAD #26701 Dorsey St Am Legion402-239-75224th Thursday, 7:00 pm
Map Website Bellevue68005WILLIAM V BROOKS #472108 Harvell Circle402-557-78224th Saturday, 8:30 AM
Map Website Broken Bow68822CUSTER #411727 North D St308-872-25854th Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Map Website Chadron69337CHADRON #36123 Bordeaux St308-207-08514th Tuesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Columbus68601BOBBY E NICKELS #202720 23rd St402-270-96383rd Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Falls City68355SAMUEL L KELLOGG #35723 Hanan St402-245-87891st Tuesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Fremont68025JOSEPH C H BALES #18137 North D Street402-620-4654 Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Gering69341SCOTTSBLUFF #102710 N 10th St308-635-17113rd Thursday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Gordon69343PAN HANDLE #21404 S Elm St308-282-17813rd Monday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Grand Island68803GRAND ISLAND #111914 W Capital Ave United Veterans Club308-379-02943rd Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Hastings68901HASTINGS #9302 S Elm Ave402-463-92163rd Tuesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Kearney68845MIDWAY #14520 W 48th St Red Cross308-470-17565th Tuesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Lincoln68501ROBT FLANSBURG #73901 N 70th St402-464-44751st Monday, 7:00 pm
Map Website Norfolk68701MICHAEL L WEMHOFF #8316 Braasch Ave402-649-01232nd 4th Wednesday, 6:00 pm
Map Website North Platte69101ORLO E EGLEHOFF #32020 E 4th St308-530-14302nd Thursday, 7:30 PM
Map Website Ogallala69153KEITH COUNTY #34114 E 1st Street308-289-07401st Tuesday, 5:30 PM
Map Website Omaha68117GENERAL MAC ARTHUR #24515 F St402-731-40881st Tuesday, 6:00 PM
Map Website Sidney69162SIDNEY #401103 Illinois St308-203-12753rd Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Map Website Wayne68787WAYNE CO #28220 Main St402-375-99442nd Monday, 7:30 PM